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Print Lab par SpotModel
« le: 24 mai 2019, 16:22:16 »
J'ai reçu à l'instant leur newsletter et ils annoncent un nouveau service d'impression à la demande de vos décals : le Print Lab.

A looong, long time ago...

...scale modelers could not print their own decals with enough quality, and depended on the manufacturers to design their favorite decorations, praying and praying day after day and night after night, hoping that some day they would release their decals to the market.

But luckily SpotModel arrived, a civilian scale modeling shop whose only reason for being was to make all modelers happy and revolutionize every day the world and the concept of this hobby.

With this idea always in our heads, today we announce Print Lab, a new service now available on our website: SpotModel manufactures just for you any decal you design, using state of the art professional technology, from one single copy to one million, with no color limits, and including white ink and varnish printing. Don't wait any longer and start designing that decoration you've been waiting for so long and no manufacturer releases, or create an exclusive decoration just for your scale models.

In the new Print Lab section of our website, you can find out how it works and download the necessary templates and instructions that you should follow.

Make a wish and SpotModel will make it happen ;D

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Print Lab par SpotModel
« Réponse #1 le: 24 mai 2019, 18:31:29 »
Intéressant. A tester
Mon site : Atelier Ernest

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Print Lab par SpotModel
« Réponse #2 le: 25 mai 2019, 09:41:34 »
Intéressant. A tester

yep!!!  ;)


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